Game of me 2022

                                                        ‘Game of me’ is an altered version of Conway’s Game of Life. I made changes to the rules of the game based on my own life experience. The program produces interesting effects.   1, when the death rule>2, the survival rule=0. The program repeats in black and white.   2, When the death rule>2, the survival rule=1. The program starts to develop and eventually stagnates. Moreover, when the survival rule is changed to 0 after reaching the stagnant state, the program is still stagnant.   3, When the death rule>2, the survival rule=2. The program evolves infinitely.
  The Installation ‘Game of me’ is base on this. It detects the number of people close to the installation, changing the switch of the lights by changing the program logic.  The relay’s converted sound and kick drum module makes it a drum machine.