The background of the project CUTE is derived from a music culture that is about to become a past in China. China was once a recycling site of plastic waste for Western countries, and part of these rubbish was music products: CD, Vinyl, tape… etc., which were punched into the cut and sent to China. When the time internet download was not wide spread, Chinese music-loving people absorbed western music resources by trading these plastic waste. As the times change, we no longer use physical music, China also bans imports of plastic waste. The stories of the past are also getting dust.  A bit of sad, isn’t it? But it also brings new opportunities, I an going to design an instrument that will make this rubbish reused. Let those collectors remove the dust covers the records, let the world know the history and listen to these people telling their stories, and to hear a new created sound.                                               The instrument will be created with photoelectric sensors as one of the materials.