The harp

I believe that the frequency of 44-beat rhythm music can capture the attention of all species, including extraterrestrials. According to unreliable sources, there are extraterrestrials who have made contact with Earth, some of whom are friendly towards humans while others are hostile. For those hostile alien species, I propose sending them techno music. This 44-beat music is highly entertaining and can cause a loss of rationality when one becomes addicted to it. Assuming that extraterrestrials have a higher level of rational civilization than us, this method can potentially suppress their cultural development in order to reduce their military threat towards us.。 Technically, it is feasible to send radio waves into space through a synthesizer connected to a radio telescope. To accomplish this plan, I need to research and develop a techno music that is suitable for extraterrestrial listening. This techno music must be simple enough to be understood using Euclidean geometry. The name “Harp” is derived from the science fiction novel “The Three-Body Problem,” which depicts a project in which the human military confronts extraterrestrials called “Guqin” (a traditional Chinese stringed instrument). Harp shares similarities with this instrument. The project is has a possibility to work with Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, The possible direction for transmission is the constellation of Orion.